Where does the air come from?

The AerBox Systems introduces fresh filtered air from the outside. 

Where does the internal air go?

The stale moist air from the house is mechanically expelled from the house and is disposed to the outside of the house. There is no cross contamination of air between the stale moist air and the fresh air.

What about humidity?

Balanced Ventilation is the process of exchanging stale moist air from the house with fresh filtered air from the outside. During this process, moist air is extracted and disposed of.  The result is a reduction of relative humidity i.e. a dryer house.

Does the system recover any heat?

Yes! With the AerBox, we recover over 84% of energy from the out-going air whilst with the EOS recovers acund 94% of heat from the out-going air.

How much does it cost to run?

Depends on the size of the house, and the size of the system installed, the running costs for the AerBox start at around $0.02 per hour.

Does the system heat?

The AerBox does not heat, but the EOS, Zefiro and Brezza units do.

Are there filters that need changing?

Yes and these require changing on a regular basis to keep the core clean but more importantly the incoming air clean. Timing is depended on atmospheric contaminations in your area.


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