Decentralized high-efficiency heat recovery unit800x600_REC_SMART_DYN182.jpg

REC Smart is an innovative decentralized intake and extract ventilation unit with high-efficiency heat recovery up to 75%.

It is the ideal solution in case of refurbishment and a highly effective solution to humidity and condensation problems.

The unit is suitable for installation in single rooms up to 40 sqm.

Installation is very easy with only a 100 mm hole required in exterior wall of the house.

Thanks to its integrated by-pass function and its double EC motors, REC Smart provides a four-season comfort with very low energy cost.

Installation can be horizontal or vertical according to the available space.

REC Smart is available in 3 models with duct diameter of 100 mm and wall thickness of 400, 500 and 600 mm.



Operation and versions
REC Smart is designed for 24 h running at the minimum speed. The boost at the higher speed can
be manual (through remote push button / switch) or automatic (through the humidistat) according to the version chosen:

Standard version
24 h running at the minimum speed and boost at the highest speed through remote control. The highest speed is provided with a timer (adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes). Once the timer running cycle is over, the fan turns back to operate at the minimum speed.

MHY version:

24 h running at the minimum speed and boost at the highest speed automatically through the humidistat.
The highest speed is reached progressively according to the level of humidity detected by the humidity sensor. Once the indoor humidity level turns back to the minimum pre-set level (adjustable on the hygrostat between 40 to 90% of relative humidity), the fan automatically switches to the minimum speed. Also this version is provided with an adjustable timer (from 0 to 30 minutes) which operates the fan at the maximum speed. Such function is useful when it is necessary to have the fan operating at the maximum speed independently from the indoor humidity level.