EOS Green


EoS (Efficiency of an Integrated System)

Increasingly we are spending our days in enclosed spaces which are becoming more and more “tight”. Tightness is important for insulation, but to have a healthy and comfortable living space, we need proper air circulation which lowers the percentage of CO2 and humidity inside the room, while avoiding uncontrolled ventilation to conserve energy. To achieve this, Aertesi developed the EoS (Efficiency of the Integrated System).




Eos series provides a system of electronic adjustment which is “self-adaptive”, for the integrated control of:

• Air flow rate (variable speed fans)
• Temperature (supply and environment)
• Humidity (environment)
• Recirculation (environment)
• Air Filtration
• Management of free-cooling

These integrated adjustments make it a unique solution for the management of your comfort.


Air quality - Air is extracted from bathrooms and kitchens where the concentration of pollutants and humidity is high preventing its migration within the local area.

Energy efficiency at lower cost - Fresh air from the outside is pre-treated, filtered, integrated (dehumidified or humidified) and raised to a temperature of comfort.

Reduced exposure to outside noise and air pollution - It’s no longer necessary to open the windows for ventilation.

Flexibility - The EoS is compact and easy to install, suitable also for renovation.


For further information and details on how the EoS functions, click here to open the brochure.