OVAL+ Ducting System

OVAL+ is a patented air distribution system, which can be used for single or multi-tenanted dwellings. With an installation height of only 52 mm, this flat system is the optimal solution for installation in walls, suspended ceilings, between floors and ceiling in multi-story buildings, or in any other situation in which a flat installation height is needed.

OVAL+ saves time on installation. All components are matching, minimising the number of components and all connect with its unique click-system. The duct is flexible allowing the ducting path to deviate around unforeseen obstacles.

OVAL+ is designed to avoid pollution in the system and to simplify cleaning. The inner duct and the distributor are antistatic and antibacterial. The mounting points are placed outside the system to ensure that no screws come into the airstream. The rounded forms provide ease of cleaning.

Material Features

  • Physiologically and toxicologically safe PE, without recycling additives, halogen- and emission-free, odourless.
  • Inner duct antistatic and antibacterial.
  • Permissible operating range: - 20° C to + 60° C
  • Fire protection class: normally flammable material class E, EN-13501-1