Art no: 88280 R
Art no: 88281 L


• High efficiency heat recovery unit with counter flow heat exchanger
• Energy efficient RadiCal-fans, with EC-technology enables very low SFP and low sound
• Automatic defrosting
• Demand control regulation as standard by the built-in humidity sensor in extract air
• SAVECair control with a capacitive colour touch screen for easy use and commissioning
• Connection box outside of unit for easy installation
• Modbus communication via RS-485 as standard
• Internet communication over the Systemair cloud (IAM) is available as accessory


The SAVE VTC 200 is designed for installation on the wall and preferably installed in a secondary room, for example a storeroom or laundry room. The SAVE VTC 200 is designed for applications up to approx. 180 m². Left and right handed models are available.

The casing is built of sheet metal and well insulated against condensation. The inner part of the case is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and provides extremely good insulation in terms of noise and heat loss. All components can be easily removed for maintenance and service.

The unit is equipped with a high efficiency counter flow heat exchanger. Energy efficient fans with EC motors, as well as low pressure filters, reduces the energy consumption and gives low SFP factor (Specific Fan Power) and low sound. The built in humidity sensor in extract air can be used for demand control.

All settings and features are available from the SAVECair control panel that is integrated in the front door. The panel is a colour touch screen with a user friendly interface. The option for connecting one or more external control panels is available. Also, the control panel has a separate user level for authorized installers and service personnel.

The homepage of the control panel shows information such as airflow, temperature, air quality and active functions. You can select between MANUAL and AUTO mode, or choose preferred settings from the pre-configured user modes.

SAVECair AUTO mode has many functions available that regulate the airflow according to CO2, presence, humidity, schedule etc. The demand function control gives effective and economical operation to ensure best indoor air quality. Alarm symbols will indicate possible malfunctions and issues direct alerts if anything needs to be rectified.

The unit has an automatic defrosting function that can be chosen in 3 different modes depending on the indoor environment as well as the outdoor conditions.
The unit is provided with a connection board that has prewired inputs and outputs for easy installation and setup of external sensors as well as for external heaters / coolers.